Tommy Reilly

           Tommy Reilly MBE
            Hammonds Wood,
            Frensham - Farnham,
            Surrey GU10 3EH.

            August. 18, 1993.

   To Georg Pollestad.                         

Dear Georg,-                                         

I have now had time to thoroughly test your latest Concert Harmonica 
and I have no hesitation in saying that this is the last word in silver harmonicas. From now on I shall only play your harmonicas. 

There doesn't seem to be any doubt that when I first had a silver harmonica built (in London in 1967), it began a new outlook on the harmonica as a concert instrument. It was built in Germany for several years but unfortunately it was never developed. Thank goodness I became the regular teacher for the Norwegian Harmonica Seminar and met you. I knew what I wanted in a concert harmonica but not being a technical person I could not make the instrument myself. I cannot express in words how much I am grateful to you in making what is now the Rolls-Royce of all harmonicas. It looks better. It sounds very much better, and the slide movement is nothing short of a "work of art". I always had trouble with the slide sticking, but not with the one you have on your harmonica.

My sincerest thanks to you Georg.



   Tommy Reilly