Welcome to the Polle Harmonica Workshop

The Polle Concert Harmonica is widely appreciated for its unique combination of innovative design, advanced technology and passion for music. The instrument is built by hand with sophisticated details to enhance the musical and technical quality of the instrument. The Polle Concert Harmonica has become a favourite instrument for several world class performers.

Georg Pollestad
Photo by Øystein Paulsen

Georg Pollestad (born in 1939) began playing the harmonica at the age of 15. By the early 1980’s he took on the challenge of building a harmonica that could match the top quality concert instruments. His professional experience as an industrial designer / modeler and toolmaker inspired the construction of a technically advanced platform that became the basis for his very own model; the Concert Harmonica.

Two internationally celebrated performers on the harmonica; Mr. Tommy Reilly MBE from Canada / UK and Mr. Sigmund Groven from Norway, offered to mentor the development of the Polle Concert Harmonica.

The original technical solutions which constituted the Polle concept, have been further refined over many years into the exclusive instrument of today, with unique details found in no other commercially available harmonica.

The Polle Concert Harmonica has been built to order since 1995.

Location map

Polle Harmonica Workshop was formally established in 2002 to facilitate the production of high-end concert harmonicas and accessories.

The workshop is situated in Bryne, a village located 30 km to the south from Stavanger, Norway.