The Polle Body

The air channels of the Polle body are made by high-precision milling machinery and designed to direct the airflow optimally to the parts of the reeds that contribute to the tone, while the airflow to less productive parts of the reeds is minimised.

The Polle Concert Harmonica has the lowest weight of all silver harmonicas in the market. This is made possible by building the Polle body in two parts. This design allows a significant amount of expendable material to be removed, leaving each body part hollow inside. The net weight of a Polle silver body is 220 gram.

The two-piece Polle silver body
Photo by Olav Kuven

The more exclusive titanium body is made by the same approach as the silver body. As titanium has a very low density, the net weight of a Polle titanium body is only 95 gram.

The two-piece Polle Titanium body
Photo by Olav Kuven