The Polle mouthpiece

The Polle mouthpiece is designed with details that have been refined to produce the highest level of comfort for the lips and the tongue. These details will be appreciated by performers of any music styles.

Two longitudinally milled grooves on both sides of the holes will collect saliva while playing. This design will lubricate the lips and increase the comfort of the performer significantly.

The special shape and angles of the holes make it easier to play octaves. The design allows the tongue to slide very smoothly from one hole to another.

The two screws that hold the mouthpiece in position are made of titanium, to prevent the performer from being disturbed by galvanic sensations.

Detail of a Polle standard model mouthpiece
made of silver and plated with gold
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The Polle standard mouthpiece is made of 925 sterling silver
Photo by Olav Kuven