The Polle reed plates

All reed plates supplied by Polle are designed to fit the Polle Quick Change system. This system allows the reed plates to be changed easily and quickly by removing the two screws next to the mouthpiece, and loosening the rest of the screws only 4-5 turns.

In the standard model of the Polle Concert Harmonica, high-quality Hohner reed plates are used. These Hohner reed plates are slightly modified and tuned by Polle, and adapted to the Polle Quick Change system.

The exclusive Polle titanium reed plates are made with the smallest tolerances possible by cutting edge engineering, which results in an exceptional response and sound. These Polle titanium reed plates are fully interchangeable with other reed plates designed for the Polle Quick Change system.

Since 2020, the titanium reed-plates are equipped with the new and improved Polle single flaps.

The Polle Titanium reed plates with the Polle single flaps
Photo by Olav Kuven
Detail of a Polle Titanium Quick Change reed plate
Photo by Olav Kuven

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